Why Do Hummingbirds Hover In Your Face?

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Do you ever wonder why hummingbirds hover in your face? It’s a pretty weird phenomenon, right? Well, there’s actually a reason for it! In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why hummingbirds hover in your face and what it means for you. Stay tuned to learn more!

Introduction To Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures that capture the hearts and imaginations of many. These delightful birds are some of the tiniest on earth. Their small size allows them to maneuver through their environment at astonishing speeds of up to 50 miles per hour!

Not only can they fly in any direction using their unique abilities to hover and backward flight, but hummingbirds are also surprisingly strong despite their size. They have powerful wingbeats and a steady heartbeat enabling them to live in a great variety of habitats around the world.

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Though they vary by species, traditional hummingbirds get diets from nectar producing flowering plants and tree saps. They also eat insects and spiders. Interestingly enough, hummingbirds need to replace essential salts and minerals they don’t get from drinking sweet nectar by drinking water or taking salt baths. With their bright colors and enchanting essence, hummingbirds make welcome additions to any backyard setting.

Why Do Hummingbirds Hover In Your Face?

There could be the following possibilities why a hummingbird might hover in your face:


Hummingbirds are territorial creatures and will defend their space from invaders. If they feel someone is invading their airspace, they may come close to investigate or intimidate the intruder.


These birds can be quite inquisitive and playful. If they sense anyone is near, a hummingbird may come close to check you out and see what’s going on.

Food Source

Hummingbirds generally fly for the best food sources available. This can mean that if the bird notices nectar or insects around you, it might be tempted to hover in your face in an attempt to reap the rewards.

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As these birds are so small, they may be trying to hide from potential predators by hovering near you and blending in with their surroundings.


Hummingbirds recognize humans and they can bond or become attached to people, especially if they are fed regularly. If this is the case, hummingbirds recognize you by hovering in your face as a sign of affection or friendship.

Aggressive Behavior

Hummingbirds also use hovering as an aggressive behavior when other birds get too close to their territory or food sources. Aggressive hummingbirds may fly right up to your face and hover there to show other birds that the food or flower is theirs and that it’s not worth the hassle to fight them for it.

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Hummingbird Hovers In Your You – Is It A Luck?

When hummingbirds fly directly in front of you, it can be a magical experience! These small birds, with wings that beat up to 200 times per second, often appear when people need reassurance. For example, some Native American folklore tells us that hummingbirds are messengers from lucky or departed loved ones who come to visit during difficult moments or celebrations.

So, next time you notice a hummingbird hovering around you, pause for a moment and reflect upon the potential message they could be bringing. It could be an invitation to take charge of your destiny, to remember forgotten dreams, or simply to appreciate the beauty of life.

How To Attract Hummingbirds & Avoid Their Territorial Behavior?

Attracting hummingbirds to your garden is a delightful way to enjoy their breathtaking colors and beautiful songs, as well as watch them in awe as they hover around and sip nectar from hummingbird feeders. To get the most out of our avian friends, it’s important to understand some of the behavior that they display while doing so. It may be surprising to some that the male hummingbird can be territorial when defending his area from other hummers.

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If we consider this behavior when deciding how to attract them, we can avoid having an angry mob in our garden! Planting a diversity of flowers and providing several feeders around ensures there will be plenty for everyone and keeps tensions low. If a hummer still finds itself in its own patch, gently moving it out should suffice without alarming or stressing it too much.

On the other hand, if too many birds find themselves attracted to your lawn at once, you may need to start removing food sources or feeders until only one or two are left in specific places; this will help regulate territories and keep energy levels high.

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Other Interesting Facts About Hummingbirds:

Hummingbirds are amazing animals, and they have a few interesting facts to share.

Heart Beat & Wings Flapping

For instance, Hummingbird hearts beat up to 1,260 times per minute, and their wings can flap up to 80 times per second.

Longer Distances Migration

Not only that, but some species of hummingbirds migrate longer distances than any other bird on the planet! Some species travel over 18,000 km (11,200 mi) as part of their annual migration route.

Light Weight

Additionally, both female and male hummingbirds can weigh as little as 0.07oz to 0.7oz and only grow between 2 inches and 8 inches tall.

Impressive Intelligence

Lastly, although they have the smallest brain relative to the size of any bird on Earth (less than 0.2%-0.3% of their body weight), they still possess impressive intelligence!

All in all, it’s no wonder why hummingbirds are such beloved creatures all over the world.

Final Word:

Hummingbirds are truly unique birds and they can also be a beautiful sight for us as they flit about and hover in front of our faces. This hovering in front of your face can be due to territorial behavior, but it can also be a symbol of a message from departed loved ones or an invitation to take charge of your destiny. Whatever their meaning may be, it’s clear that these amazing birds have lots to offer us. With the right knowledge and care, we can make sure they thrive in our gardens while enjoying their delightful presence!

Dawn Caffrey

Dawn Caffrey

Hummingbirds just make me happy - in fact, I read somewhere that they represent happiness in Native American totems.
Let me tell you what I found about feeders from treating the hummingbirds in my back yard.

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Hummingbirds just make me happy – in fact, I read somewhere that they represent happiness in Native American totems.
Let me tell you what I found about feeders from treating the hummingbirds in my back yard.

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