6 Best Hummingbird Feeders to Keep Bees Away

Keep Bees Away

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If you are a hummingbird feeder, you are probably familiar with the presence of bees every time you hang the feeder. The main reason for the presence of bees is to feed on the nectar meant for the hummingbird; hence the birds do not feed with comfort.

Even though a single is not that harmful to hummingbirds, they pose a significant threat to the birds whenever they attack as a group. Due to bee attacks, feeding hummingbirds with nectar can become an almost impossible task as it puts their life at risk.

What if I told you there are hummingbird feeders that can keep bees away while feeding the birds peacefully? Wonderful, right? 

Below we have compiled some of the best bee-proof feeders to give you a good run for your cash.

Stay with me.

Quick Glance: Best Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeder Feature
Best Hand-madeMuse Garden Hummingbird Feeder S-hookFeeding PortCleaning BrushAnt Moat
Best Leak ProofREZIPO Hummingbird Feeder Ant Moat Sealing RingMouth ReservoirS-Hook
Best Beautiful MakeBalhvit Hummingbird Feeder Feeding PortsAnt MoatSturdy Glass
Best GiftingGrateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder  Ant MoatS-HookFeeding Port
Best DurabilityAucied Hummingbird Feeder Feeding PortsS-HookAnt Moat
Best Rust-ProofLUJII Spiral Hummingbird Feeder Polycarbonate BaseAnt Moat

1. Best Hand Made: Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder

If you are looking for a handmade hummingbird feeder with lovely colors that can easily attract hummingbirds, look no further! Muse garden hummingbird feeder has got your back. Tiny bubbles can prove their uniqueness of being handmade on their surface.

Its base is fully equipped to allow birds to perch and rest while sucking nectar peacefully. The nectar-feeding port is designed in a red flower-like manner to attract birds easily. This bird feeder also has an ant moat to prevent unwanted guests such as ants and bees.

Muse garden hummingbird feeder also comes with an S-hook used to hang the feeder at any bird-convenient place. It is also equipped with a cleaning brush to clean the feeder from the inside, which is quite convenient.

2. Best Leak Proof: REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder

Tired of nectar leaking from your bird feeder? Well, worry no more. REZIPO hummingbird feeder is indeed the perfect solution. It is equipped with an innovative sealing ring that aids in preventing nectar from leaking.

This hummingbird feeder is made with brushed copper glass colored with bright, attractive colors to attract hummingbirds easily. The glass is also easy to clean and is made clear to enable you to see the nectar level for refilling purposes.

The mouth reservoir is made wide to make refilling nectar relatively easy. It also has an ant moat that keeps bees and ants from the nectar.

3. Best Beautiful Make: Balhvit Hummingbird Feeder

Are you looking forward to boosting your garden’s elegance while serving hummingbirds at once? Well, the Balhvit hummingbird feeder is the perfect go-to feeder.

This beautiful hummingbird feeder is made of unique glass fitted with four red flower-shaped feeding ports that will attract hummingbirds while adding personality to your garden. With such elegance, birds will flock to your feeder in no time, and you will have a worthy lively garden.

When you hear of a glass-made feature, you probably think of it as weak and that it can break easily, but no, this bird feeder is made of thick, sturdy glass that is strong and break-proof. Its pigments are embedded in two glass layers that do not fade or get damaged easily, making it the perfect pleasing outdoor feeder. It just can’t break from a mere fall.

A hummingbird eats from a hummingbird feeder 2


4. Best for Gifting: Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder

Suppose you attend a birthday party for a friend or family and would like to surprise them with a beautiful gift. In that case, a Grateful gnome hummingbird feeder will be a decent present to keep the relationship going.

This elegant bird feeder is purely handmade with experienced glass artisans that exercise their talent upon the bird feeder to create an impressive feature that is attractive and worth adding to a garden.

Grateful gnome hummingbird comes with an ant moat that keeps ants and bees away; hence nectar is only preserved for birds. S-hooks also help support the bird feeder on branches giving it stable support.

5. Best Durability: Aucied Hummingbird Feeder

If you are looking for a hummingbird feeder that will serve you for a long time, an Aucied hummingbird feeder is a perfect choice for you. Handcrafted from scratch, its materials are made from solid and durable glassworks, making it break-proof upon accidental falls.

This bird feeder has an innovative gasket at the base that creates a tight seal to prevent accidental messy leakages. With its 40-ounce nectar reservoir, you can feed more food to the birds without worrying about a single leakage.

A small brush is attached to the feeder used to clean both the interior and exterior of the feeder. The base can also be easily disassembled for easy filling and cleaning.

Built with four red flower-shaped feeding ports, your birds can dine easily without problems. The feeding ports have ant moats that keep bees and ants away, which are a constant nuisance in the presence of nectar.

6. Best Rust-Proof: LUJII Spiral Hummingbird Feeder

Tired of handling bird feeders that keep on rusting after a short while? Well LUJII spiral hummingbird feeder should be your go-to option. Its metal base and ant moak are coated with non-toxic anti-rust materials that protect the metal surface from rust during west conditions.

The main color of this bird feeder is teal reinforced with a phoenix tail pattern that has a combination of yellow, red and white. This color combination does a great job of improving the aesthetic view of your garden while attracting hummingbirds.

This glass feeder has a 28 ounce capacity covered with a polycarbonate base to prevent leaking. The glass is also translucent and allows you to see the level of nectar anytime.

Wrap Up

Buying a bee-proof feeder is a challenge in the current market, but you will have an easy time while shopping with the few authentic options above. When buying, you should always consider your budget, brand reliability, and period of feeder use.

Give your hummingbird the best while beautifying your garden, making it a more habitable place for both humans and nature. If you choose from the list above, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your money.

All the best in your choice!

Dawn Caffrey

Dawn Caffrey

Hummingbirds just make me happy - in fact, I read somewhere that they represent happiness in Native American totems.
Let me tell you what I found about feeders from treating the hummingbirds in my back yard.

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Hummingbirds just make me happy – in fact, I read somewhere that they represent happiness in Native American totems.
Let me tell you what I found about feeders from treating the hummingbirds in my back yard.

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